The Best QR Code Reader | “QRQR – QR Code® Reader”

“QRQR – QR Code® Reader” is provided by Denso Wave INC which developed QR code and , arara INC.,
Suppors, Reading QR code or JAN code, Creating QR code , and more.

QR Code Reader “QRQR – QR Code® Reader””

Strength of QR Code Reader “QRQR – QR Code® Reader”

Our latest technology makes you scan easily “very small QR code” or “blurry QR Codes” which is hard to read.

In addition, “QRQR – QR Code® Reader” has a function of reading not only original QR codes, but also new types of QR codes such as ”frame QR” and “QRQR Wi-Fi”.

Function list

  • QR Code Reader (Reads QR Code®)
  • Barcode Reader (Reads barcodes)
  • Share reading results
  • Read / delete reading history
  • Create QR Code® (generated from the text, URL, contact, and/or a map)
  • Read FrameQR® / SQRC®
  • Support 14 languages
  • Compatible with URL Scheme (Direct launching from other apps)
    Launch command is “densowaveq://”

QR Code Reader (Reads QR Code®) / Barcode Reader (Reads barcodes)

Supports reading barcodes. After reading barcodes, automatically generate links to product pages of Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping, and Google Search.

  • Amazon
  • Rakuten
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Google


Share readings

You can share reading results in the following way.

  • Send e-mail
  • Post to Facebook
  • Post to Twitter
  • Post to LINE
  • Copy read-out contents

Read / delete reading history

You can view and delete reading history.

Create QR Code®

You can generate a QR code which has the following information.

  • Text
  • URL
  • Contact
  • location


Read FrameQR® / SQRC®

“QRQR – QR Code® Reader” supports “Frame QR code which developed DENSO WAVE INC. Frame QR This is a QR code with a free area where you can put some other images or words as you like.
※Click here for details of frame QR

Supports 14 languages

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Traditional Chinese (for Taiwanese)
  • Traditional Chinese (for Hong Kong)
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian Malay (Malaysia)
  • Thai
  • Korean

[For application developers]Compatible with URL Scheme (Direct launching from other apps)

Please set the following command.
(e.g. <a href=densowaveq://>Q starts</a> )

<System behavior>
A device downloaded QR Code reader”QRQR – QR Code® Reader”:the application starts